The Dark Tapestry is a dangerous place – one filled with all manner of dangers, some human, some alien and others so incomprehensible that we’ve yet to come to terms with them or what they may mean. I’d like to tell you that the Tapestry is great shape but we both know that’s a bold faced lie. The truth of the matter is that things are worse than they’ve ever been. We weren’t ready to be where we are and some believe if not for the Dwarves, we’d still be living out our lives, blissfully unaware of anything out there…anything more than our own proverbial noses. But here we are and we gotta make the best of it.

So it comes to this…this is where it begins and this is where it’ll end, with all of us either lying dead in our beds, floating mummified in the starry expanse of space or, if we’re really lucky, playing the parts of big damned heroes. Well the things that come for us, the things that haunt humanity in the night, they ain’t far beyond and they’re riding a dread legion. It’s time to throw down the gauntlet and have it out. For good or for bad…the time is now.

Welcome to the Campaign!

From time to time, I’ll use this page to make announcements and give information about the game, what time we’re meeting the next week or whatever else needs to be said. Those sorts of things can be found below. That being said, enjoy yourselves! I highly recommend you go to the “Characters” section of this page and keep an online record of your character so I can keep track of them. I’ve already placed “Father Magnus” there as an example. Also, any cohorts you gain through the use of the Leadership feat (if any) will be placed there as well so you can monitor their progression.

As soon as I actually sit down to type all of it out, you guys will have online access to all the new items in game, including any rules that they come with, their general cost and a small blurb about their origins and the like. So far, the only files in that “Items” section are Magnetic Resonance Pistols and Rifles. All additional feats and new classes will be displayed on the “Wiki” section. Lastly, I will keep a journal of your adventures on the “Adventure Log” where you can access them to update yourself on what happened before. This will eliminate the need for the weekly recap. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

The Forever War Chronicles

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