The Forever War Chronicles

News Article 3

News Article, Shide’Hennock Roar: Flameheart 12th, 4,853 A.C.

Headline: Ship pulls into high orbit with no crew!

Late first day, officials at the Ministry of Winds released a report filed the day before concerning a small-scale civilian frigate – named the Pathfinder – that, according to the reports, sailed itself into high orbit with no one on board. After being towed into port at the Ministry of Winds, a quarantine of the ship went immediately into effect, one which has yet to end.

A deep search of the vessel was unable to ascertain just how the ship had sailed itself into the port sans crew. However, a full cargo of provisions and supplies was found aboard and the hull, according to the first witnesses, was crusted with a layer of ice. While certainly a curiosity, authorities in the Office of Imperial Affairs inform us that nothing harmful was on board.



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