Anti-Material Rifle

Experimental Rifle

weapon (ranged)

The plans for the Anti-Material Rifle were leaked onto the open market some time ago, although the Imperial Government has done much to curtail the plans from falling into the wrong hands. The Anti-Material Rifle is an experimental rifle designed to act as a stationary sniper rifle to be used by the Imperial Pathfinders. By incorporating the strongest electromagnets ever used in a rifle, the result was a stronger firing, difficult to control weapon that inflicts 3D12 Damage, has a 100 ft Range Increment and typically costs 20,000 Courtly. Note: The weapon counts as Exotic, has the Take Down Ability as noted on the Wiki under “Additional Armament Abilities” and the user must make a (Strength DC 15) after every shot or suffer a -4 Penalty to hit on the next shot.


Anti-Material Rifle

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