Armor Modifications

Armor Improvements


The armor of the Forever War is usually standard issue armors given out to soldiers of the line and men and women of service. However, mercenary companies and other privatized organizations have constructed several modifications by which to improve their armor or perhaps simply suits of personal armor for just one or two men and women. The following are just some of the mods that can be found.

  • Ablative Plates: These hardened plates can be inserted or attached to any kind of armor to make them more able to resist damage. These plates cost according to how much protection they provide and different sets of plate cannot be combined to provide a higher score. typical Cost: 2,000 Courtly for every +1
  • Shadow Silk: This unique material is manufactured by the Zendalii from a rare plant which produces reflective patterns as a means of natural camouflage. AS such, those wearing this garment appear to blend in with their environment. Anyone wearing the silk gains +5 to Hide Checks. Typical Cost: 3,750 Courtly.
  • Hard Suit Covering: This unique armor rebuild was originally considered by Valencian Foundry Works and was designed to stop projectiles at a more basic level, even deadly accurate shots. Anyone wearing the modification has a 50% chance of ignoring critical hits. While the shot/attacks still hit, it does not multiply into its critical. Typical Cost: 6,000 Courtly.
  • Conduit Wires – This system of electrical conductivity wires was designed to keep warriors from being grappled in the midst of combat. Anyone touching the armor for too long – from the outside only – will automatically receive 4D6 Electricity Damage each round they are grappling the wearer. Typical Cost: 5,000 Courtly.

Armor Modifications

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