Delan Pulse Pistol and Rifle

Energy Pulse Weapon

weapon (ranged)

The advanced species known as the Delan have managed to harness the power of pure energy and institute a series of weapons known as “Pulse Weapons.” These rifles and pistols utilize energy packs (10 Charges per pack, 450 Courtly per pack). Each time the weapon fires, the user may use however many charges they wish up to a maximum of 5. Each charge used adds 1D4 Damage to the weapon. The rifle has a range increment of 100 ft and the pistol has 50 ft. Typical Cost of the Rifle and Pistol are 6,000 Courtly and 10,000 Courtly. Note: Both of these weapons count as Exotic and inflict Electricity Damage.


Delan Pulse Pistol and Rifle

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