Medical Field Pack

Surgeons Kit


This satchel bears the symbol of the Imperial Guild of Healers, the caduceus with a serpent coiling around a staff. It can be slung over the shoulder and contains a variety of supplies to act as a Healer’s Kit (Up to 20 Times) and may also expend one of those twenty applications to perform one of the following actions.

  • Instantly Stabilize: May instantly stabilize a dying victim, doing so as a free action rather than a standard action with the use of a (Heal DC 15) check and the use of two applications.
  • Cure Nightstone Poisoning: May cure Nightstone Poisoning with a (Heal DC 15) check instead of the usual check to treat such a virulent poisoning.
  • Surgical Tools: May treat Constitution, Charisma, Dexterity or Strength Damage via three applications and a (Heal DC 20) check. This requires ten minutes of work, bare minimum and is likely to take longer than the characters can perform in combat.

Medical Field Pack

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