Tick-Tock Suit

Clockwork Battle Mech


An experimental dwarven weapon that was originally meant for working in underground environments where poison gas, falling rocks or simply the denizens of the lightless world might become a problem, the suit is a work of engineering genius. Anyone who climbs inside takes control of a series of clockwork controls consisting of a confusion array of buttons, levers and switches. Anyone who isn’t a dwarf who attempts to use the suit must make an (Intelligence DC 18 or Knowledge: Engineering DC 15) to control it. Once inside, the character gains +6 Strength, -6 Dexterity, is considered Immune to Poison and Disease, Gains Resistance 5 to All Elements and is treated as wearing a suit of full plate. The suit itself has Damage Reduction 5/Starmetal and 150 Hit Points. Most suits are equipped with a Heavy Magnetic Resonance Weapon, a Shell Launcher and a melee weapon that inflicts 4D6 Damage and has Awesome Blow. Typical Cost: 100,000 Courtly.


Tick-Tock Suit

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