Weapon Modifications

Modifications for Ranged Weapons

weapon (ranged)

Several dozen modifications can be attached or constructed into the weapon to make it better or more to the liking of the character, although usually a weapon can only hold two such modifications. Depending on the difficulty of the modification, characters may have to make a (Craft: Gunsmithing) check to add such modifications to their weapons. These may not be successful and may not be readily apparent until its used in combat.

  • Magnifying Scope – The magnifying scope can be attached to any weapon except for the Incisor Rifle. While attached, the weapon is considered to be a Distance weapon. In addition, if the character has the Skirmish or Sneak Attack ability, they add +1D6 to the damage dealt while using those abilities. Typical Cost: 2,000 Courtly, Craft (Gunsmithing DC 15)
  • Expanded Chamber – This modification expands the ammunition chamber of the weapon aside from the Deck Sweeper and Heavy Magnetic Resonance Weapon. While the mod is installed, the weapon has double the ammunition capacity than it normally does. Typical Cost: 2,200 Courtly, Craft (Gunsmithing) DC 20
  • Extra Damage – These modifications can be placed on literally any weapon so long as it is a ranged weapon and uses magnetic resonance ammunition. These mods can be done in a normal of different ways that add from +1 to +5 Damage depending on how difficult and expensive they are to install. Typical Cost: 2,000 Courtly per +1, Craft (Gunsmithing) DC 10 per +1
  • Speed Trigger – This modification is usually placed within the body of the weapon to make it fire more rapidly. This modification cannot be placed on a Deck Sweeper. In effect, the weapon now counts as a Speed Weapon. Typical Cost: 18,000 Courtly, Craft (Gunsmithing DC 28)
  • Grenade Launcher – This modification attached under the barrel of any rifle-sized weapon including a Deck Sweeper but cannot be used on a heavy weapon or shell launcher. As a full round action, the character can launch a grenade from the weapon and for the purposes of firing the grenade, it is treated as having the Far Shot feat. Typical Cost: 10,000 Courtly, Craft (Gunsmithing) DC 25
  • Take Down Module – This modification is attached to the barrel of the weapon, making the shell’s escape velocity three times faster and allows it to carry a great deal more kinetic force. When someone is hit with a weapon carrying this mid, they must make a (Fortitude DC 15) to keep from being knocked prone.
  • Silencer Module – This modification is typically attached to the barre and reduces the already relatively soft report of magnetic resonance fire, reducing the ‘thwip’ sound most often heard from the weapon. Typical Cost: 1,000 Courtly, Craft (Gunsmithing DC 15)
  • Invisibility Sight – This scope can be attached to any rifle-sized weapon and when looked through, the character using it may see creatures that are made invisible through magic (although not natural invisibility). A nightstone lens with an infusion of rare miners allow this to be possible. Typical Cost: 12,000 Courtly, Craft (Gunsmithing DC 20).

Weapon Modifications

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