Zendalii Ka'ress Blade

Crystalline Sword

weapon (melee)

The Zendalii Ka’ress Blade’s origins are ancient. Ever since the Zendalii found out that Nightstone could be alchemically hardened and artificially sharpened, they have been making weapons out of it. This was especially vital due to the fact that the Zendalii home world of Kha’Zah’Ree is very low on iron and any other viable metal to force with. The typical Ka’ress blade counts as a Bastard Sword (1D10 Damage) and has a 25% chance of exposing those wounded with Nightstone Poisoning. Ka’ress blades are not openly sold and most blades are hundreds of years old, if not older. To non-Zendalii, these weapons count as Exotic.


Zendalii Ka'ress Blade

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