The Forever War Chronicles

News Article 3

News Article, Shide’Hennock Roar: Flameheart 12th, 4,853 A.C.

Headline: Ship pulls into high orbit with no crew!

Late first day, officials at the Ministry of Winds released a report filed the day before concerning a small-scale civilian frigate – named the Pathfinder – that, according to the reports, sailed itself into high orbit with no one on board. After being towed into port at the Ministry of Winds, a quarantine of the ship went immediately into effect, one which has yet to end.

A deep search of the vessel was unable to ascertain just how the ship had sailed itself into the port sans crew. However, a full cargo of provisions and supplies was found aboard and the hull, according to the first witnesses, was crusted with a layer of ice. While certainly a curiosity, authorities in the Office of Imperial Affairs inform us that nothing harmful was on board.

News Article 2

News Article, Shide’Hennock Roar: Flameheart 2nd, 4,853 A.C.

Emperor Caius Augustus has announced his fifteen colony tour to begin tomorrow afternoon to mixed reactions today in the Privy Council. While most agree that visits from the Empire will serve only to strengthen the outward colonial ties to the Empire itself, many are understandably cautious about what kind of the safety can be maintained so far from New Earth.

While no comprehensive list has surfaced thus far, some of the worlds to be toured by the Emperor include Mirror’s Edge, Fool’s Errand, Point Radiance, Stoneborn, Novo Secundus and even so far away as the Zendalii colony world of Crystalline. Further news as it comes to light.

News Article 1

News Article, Shide’Hennock Roar: Heartfire 81st, 4,853 A.C.

Fighting continues to escalate on the Imperial colony of Orison when, late last sixth day, the remainder of the 5th Fleet including ISS Arc Hammer, Implacable, Celestia and Reverent took the leap deep into the system and took the fight directly to Genokahandren forces. While the sum of the fighting is still being totaled, casualties on both sides are estimated to be in the thousands. The ISS Implacable was lost with all hands.

While this latest push to free Orison from Genokahandren control has once again ended in as stalemate, Lord Admiral Gaius Kline and the other officers of the 5th fleet are confident that the world will once again be reclaimed by the Empire by Flameheart’s end.

In other news, The Koroboros Freehold continue to deny free trade rights to the Imperial Merchant’s Guild. Negotiations backed by the West Empire Company’s Executive Officer Miles Himmerman have stalled since, one of the Red Hand allegedly drew a weapon on the CEO and threatened to ‘remove his manhood.’ No other negotiations are scheduled to take place.


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