Time Line

Approximately 250 B.C. – Humans arrive on New Earth, although just how where they came from or how they got there is still unclear. They establish themselves on an island in the middle of the Fathomless Sea that they name Atlantis. Explorers set out toward the east and make landfall on what is now the Imperial Mainland.

Approximately 251-100 B.C. – Humanity makes contact with the people now known as the Forgotten who are living along the coast of what is now the Imperial Heartland. Trade begins almost immediately but for reasons not entirely clear, small skirmishes are fought which quickly escalates to all out war between the two people. Dwarves allied with the Forgotten join the fight, stopping human expansion through the mainland cold.

Approximately 101-85 B.C. – The wars continue to be fought, but several human outposts are settled on the mainland, one of these on an isolated island to the northeast of the shore that is known as Shide’Hennock by the Forgotten, a name meaning “Place Where the Spirits Dwell.” Within a few years, Shide’Hennock becomes a mighty citadel, arranged in circular rings just like the island of Atlantis.

Approximately 80 B.C – The Arcane Order is founded by a young man named Philo and they make their headquarters on the Island of Skelling south of Shide’Hennock. Humanity and the Forgotten-Dwarven alliance make peace and trade resumes under the condition that humaniy will not expand any further to the east.

Approximately 79 – 50 B.C – Philo, the founder of the Arcane Order, begins seeing visions of a terrible destruction that will descend upon what the humans now call “New Earth,” an ancient doom that will destroy them all. Philo earns the nickname “The Mad” for speaking of his visions but despite this, the most learned of the Arcane Order begin preparing, but for what they aren’t sure.

Approximately 49 – 30 B.C. – A second moon appears in the skies of New Earth, this one blood red and with what appears to be a ghastly grinning face etched into its surface. Those peering through telescopes at the time write of ‘seeing it looking back at them.’ Mad Philo, now on his death bed, sees visions the destruction and what will come after. He leaves the Arcane Order in the hands of his successor and warns that he must survive, for the sake of everyone.

Year 0 A.C. – The Cataclysm occurs. Just what this disaster was is still unclear as the records are scattered and mostly destroyed. But what is clear is that a magical cataclysm changed the face of New Earth forever, shifting continents, destroying entire species and warping natural species into something aberrant and dark. The goblins – once known as the Kobolos – are mutated by the Cataclysm, transforming them into the barbaric creatures most often seen today. The Cataclysm destroys Atlantis and humanity flees en mass to the mainland, to the isles of what would become Tygia and further south to the Ebony Kingdoms. The Chou-Dai remain forever drifting on their massive ships, never really finding a home of their own.

Year 1 – 10 A.C. – The City State of Shide’Hennock consolidates all of the outlying island settlements into one government, although this current government is ruled by a council of the eldest humans left alive. The fallout from the Cataclysm continues to be felt in the way of plagues and natural disasters. The Dwarves disappear from New Earth Entirely and the Forgotten slink back to their ancestral woodlands in the Ivydale Wood.

Year 11 – 100 A.C. – Humanity languishes and fights for survival as the world begins to heal from the rigors of the Cataclysm. The Council formed so many years ago is rife with doubt and indecision. Out of this conflicted political world, one man gains more and more support, the son of a cooper named Galemus. Galemus enters the political arena and begins lobbying for support amongst the common folk.

Year 101 A.C. – Galemus the First, as he is to be known, dissolves the council with the support of the common people and crowns himself Emperor. In the years after, he establishes the system of guilds and bureaucracy that will become the support system for the Empire for the remainder of its existence.

Year 102 – 120 AC. – Galemus invades the mainland and drives the Forgotten back to the foothills of the Crags of Darkness, establishing an Empire on the mainland. The first two colonies, Chordilane and Lillydale, become fortified cities in their own right and trade begins between Shide’Hennock and the mainland. A continuing campaign is fought against the Forgotten. It is believed that in these years, Galemus finds the Ring and Sword of Ages, although no one is certain how the two artifacts come to be associated with him and the Imperial Line.

Year 121 – 125 AC. – The Heartland is consolidated and comes under the indisputable rule of Galemus the First. Tygians from the islands south of what will be the Empire come to trade with the Empire. Galemus marries a woman from Tygia named Sephri and the two of them have three children together. The first born, a boy named August, becomes the Imperial heir. Trade begins with the Tygians. In these same years, the Tygians establish colonies in the area of present day Hawk’s Nest and The Pine Barrens.

Year 126 – 130 A.C. Approaching old age and eager to establish a New Atlantis on the mainland, Emperor Galemus embarks upon a campaign of conquest across the Crags of Darkness and invading the Willem Valley. To his surprise, he finds not only Forgotten living there, but also barbarian humans. The humans and Forgotten join forces to oppose him. Almost half of Galemus’ legions die while crossing the treacherous mountains.

Year 131 – 140 A.C. Numerous Imperial settlements spring up around the many forts constructed by the invasion force, some of which eventually become Caer MacMorden and Brill Hill. The Tygians, unable to hold their colonies under repeated assault by Forgotten and Willem Valley warriors, withdraw and leave their colonies to be conquered by the Willem Valley.

Year 141 A.C. The last free city in the Willem Valley, High Tower, is conquered not with military might, but with money. Emperor Galemus offers its king – Vercengetox – a kings ransom to become part of the Empire. He accepts and the last of the Willem Valley falls to the Empire. Recognizing the fighting prowess of the Willem Valley warriors, all of which wear green cloaks, Galemus immediately begins to integrate their fighting style into his own forces.

Year 142-500 A.C. Emperor Galemus dies in his sleep. The Ring and Sword of Ages pass to his son August who immediately returns to Shide’Hennock and begins to impliment his own policies. But mindful of his father’s vision, he continues on with what his father surmised. Over the next several hundred years, battles are fought with the Tygians and the Forgotten over further expansion to the east. Eventually, the Forgotten are pushed all the way back to what is now Khera’s Vale and the Tygians are expelled from their colonies in Valencia and Natalia – these City States becoming part of the Empire.

Year 551- 800 A.C. The Empire begins a long and uneasy peace with the Forgotten, establishing the cities of St. Albans and St. Temari on the extreme eastern frontier of the Empire. Skirmishes and border disputes – especially naval engagements – occur with the Tygians off and on throughout this age.

Year 801 – 4,002 A.C. A golden age of Imperial Rule is suddenly and brutally ceased when a man from the Willem Valley named Wotecorix the Wolf, using a campaign of sedition, lies and deceit manages to dethrone the Imperial Family and have them murdered one by one. Two children of the blood royal escape, however, one sent to live with the Forgotten and one wandering to come and live with a family in High Tower.

Year 4,014 – 4,021 A.C. Shashka the Slayer, last heir to the Imperial Line and raised by the Forgotten raises an army of loyal Greencoats and Forgotten to uproot the rule of Wotexorix. The road to victory is long and bloody but eventually, Shashka and her armies are able to cross the Imperial Channel with a massive fleet and storm the gates of Shide’Hennock. It is unknown if Wotecorix is killed or not, but he is never seen again.

Year 4,027 A.C. – The Empire is invaded by way of a mystic portal which appears in the center of St. Temari by an advanced species of shadowy felines who call themselves the Zendalii. Claiming to be from another world, they sack most of the Imperial Eastern Frontier before they are eventually stopped and forced to work together with humanity to stop a much greater threat, the approaching threat of Voolishtarah the Eater of Worlds. Afterward, the two worlds declare themselves not enemies, but cautious partners, a compromise that is difficult for the xenophobic Zendalii.

Year 4,022 to 4,034 A.C. Empress Shashka the Slayer and her brother Octavian rule the Empire for a time of peace until it becomes clear that the threat that once destroyed Atlantis has come again. This time, forewarned and armed with knowledge, the name of the threat becomes revealed – Voolishtarah the Eater of Worlds. This space born hate was a mistake of the gods and despite all odds being against them, Shashka manages to unite all the nations of New Earth against the threat. She journeys to the moon via a mystic gateway and destroys it. But she herself is fatally wounded in the attempt. She dies of her wounds, vowing to one day come again when she is needed the most.

Year 4,034 – 4,052 A.C. These years become known as the Time of the Lost. With Shashka dead and the Empire significantly weakened by years of constant war, the rule of the Empire passes to her brother Octavian. The Tygians choose this time of vulnerability to declare war on the Empire, invading the southern Willem Valley in an attempt to reclaim their ancestral colonies there. At the same time, in the Heartland, spurned by rumors of weakness, Baroness Marie D’Chordilane, Consul of Chordilane, openly rebels against the Empire, seeking to carve her own nation out of the Heartland. Faced with these dual challenges, the Empire collapses into a time of chaos.

Year 4,059 A.C. The dwarves, long thought to be extinct on New Earth, reveal themselves to humanity and quickly seek trade an alliance. As it turns out, they had been hiding in their tunnels deep beneath the Crags of Darkness since the first Cataclysm. Most of their species had escaped through a mystic gate but some had opted to stay. These dwarves will later spark an age of innovation undreamed of by most.

Year 4,053 – 4,315 A.C. The Empire eventually rebuilds itself after the war with Tygia and the civil wars in the Heartland and Emperor Octavian continues the line of the Empire, marrying a noble woman from Valencia by the name of Brisa. Their line continues until the birth of Emperor Augustus. Soon after, another continent is discovered by famous explorer Marcus Lyconadese, the famed “King of Foxes.” Expeditions and colonization efforts by both the Empire and Tygians begin immediately. Marcus’ reports fail to mention one thing, however. Someone is already living there. A race of feline folk similar to the Zendalii – apparently ancestors of the Zendalii – called the Zensuanni welcome the newcomers with cautious optimism.

Year 4,316 – 4,233 A.C. Marcus Lyconadese’ famed airship – the Magnificent – goes missing in a storm and is never seen again. His son is named by Emperor Augustus as the Consul of Port Lycos, the first Imperial Colony in the new continent. Tygian colonies are established as well. There is one Zensuanni tribe who resists the idea of becoming members of the Empire. They are known as the Nomen and they continually perform raids against Imperial and Tygian towns alike.

Year 4,234 – 4,254 A.C. A time of great tumult in the colonies, the Nomen form a massive uprising with the support of a wayward noble known as Othello Lyconadese, bastard son of the Consul’s wife and a West Empire Company merchant. Othello incites riots, unleashes a plague on the colonies and seeks to put himself on the throne of the now shattered colonies. This plan backfires on him when the children of the Consul escape and return later with a contingent of Greencoats from the mainland, effectively reclaiming control of the colony for the Empire. The Zensuanni – not rid of the Nomen Tribe – peacefully and willingly join the Empire.

Year 4,500 – 4,852 A.C. An age of enlightenment and understanding dawns upon the Empire. Magic and technology begins to work in tandem for the betterment of everyone. Dwarves work with humans to create amazing clockwork machines. Printing presses come into more common use, machined and factory made projectile weapons that work by bi-polarized magnetics come into heavy use with the military and the first space-fearing vessel is constructed as a joint venture between Dwarves, Humans and Zendalii – the power source being the now vital mineral known as Nightstone.

Year 4,853 A.C. On this year, humanity enters the Dark Tapestry on board the first spell-jammer named “The Promise.” This ship is navigated by a talented individual who actually catapults he and the entire ship through the Ether and to a random world. As it turns out, that world is Orison, a world that will become the first interstellar human colony. That same year, Point Radiance – New Earth’s moon – is discovered to hold animal life and a breathable atmosphere. A small colony is maintained there.

Time Line

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